About CAT

CAT is a strategic technological solution provider, working globally to provide solutions that are profitable, efficient, innovative and easily implemented.

CAT is a key regional player in Information infrastructure, technology consulting, e services, process automation and advisory services field within USA, Canada and Middle East regions; bridging gaps between the management approaches and its actual implementation plans.

Our People

Since the Company first started up to this very day, its people have always been its main driver of growth, without whom it would have been impossible to guarantee quality of service to its customers

Our Quality

CAT places great emphasis on the quality, reliability and security of the services it offers. It does business in full compliance with the international standards on information quality and security.

Our Security

Security is of paramount importance to CAT and its customers, and ISO 27001 is the most widely-accepted certification available for supporting information and physical security and business continuity. Risks and threats to the business are assessed and managed

Our Methodolgy

CAT is made up by a group of professional talented teams who are packed with passion, curiosity and attention to detail and full of proud about their work. We are committed to meeting all the needs of our valuable customers, constantly adapting our services in an ever-changing business environment. We commit to continue bringing about change in the area of Information technology, relieving businesses of the excessive ownership, services automation and operation costs. It is a great honor for all of us to have earned our customers and partners trust.

High Performance Support

At CAT we never set for anything less than providing you with speedy and reliable technical support. Relying on the strongest team of certified professional engineers, we are right there for your, ready to help with the most specialized technical and Technology-related issues Focusing on providing Enterprise Level services, we cater to the needs of our customers by creating customized solutions. We build longstanding trust relationships, because we study carefully, implement fast and support responsibly even the most demanding scenarios. To assist and lead development in the developing economies where technology and virtual infrastructure development is most needed. While building relationships with communities, organizations and the people we serve.


CAT services are grouped into three main categories:

 Information Technology Advisory and Consultation.  Technical Consultancy and Support.  Information Technology infrastructure and managed services  Human resource Training , change management and development

All categories serve a wide range of domestic, regional and multinational clients in the region and are recognized as market leaders in multiple business areas. Our daily challenges are acquiring the most up-to-date knowledge in different management functions as well as an up-to-date knowledge of the latest technologies and utilizing this knowledge to maximize the value added services to our clients. Persistently working toward continuous improvement, and stretching our potential, we have succeeded in developing models and tools that serve to identify our clients specific requirements and cater to addressing them in the most effective and efficient manner. We believe that this represents our main competitive edge, and as such we strive to constantly upgrade and fine-tune these methodologies to remain in line with local and regional business environments.

Technical Support

Our Technical Support Team is made up of leading certified IT engineers with many years of onhands experience in different technologies. The Teams are constantly trained and evaluated with a view to providing the very best solutions even to the most demanding problems .

R&D & Software Development

As part of our ongoing efforts to meet the needs of our customers and constantly develop our service offerings, in line with the latest developments, we have setup a team of software developers who can rise to every challenge with utmost efficiency.

Sales and Marketing

Our specialized Marketing Team is constantly looking into the actual needs of our clients, relying on the recent technology. We made up of highly qualified professionals, adapt and promote solutions / services which are tailored to each customer. Our sales strategy focuses on achieving the best possible cost-benefit relationship.


We believe in building and maintaining long term relationships with all our clients


We endeavor to offer you best solutions in order to acquire your maximum satisfaction. We are the masters in offering effective software development solutions.


We are pioneer in lambasting problems like web or software development etc. Our experts handle your assigned projects prudently


We have provided best plus affordable web development services to numerous large as well as medium entrepreneurs

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